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To democratize access to opportunities, by making transactions involving information and value secure and transparent through Blockchain technology.



— Founder and CEO of Blockchain Global


M&A, Investment and Incubation

Having participated in blockchain focused deal-flow with professional funds and investment houses such as Shape Capital, Collinstar Capital and Ironside Capital, Blockchain Global and its network have, since 2014, invested in a worldwide portfolio of dozens of blockchain enabled companies and projects.
Beyond backing profitable blockchain startups, the company co-invests with strategic cornerstone investors in M&As that bring blockchain technology into small and medium cap public companies, giving the combined entity access to capital markets, and providing retail investors exposure to exciting opportunities, leveraging potential unstoppable and borderless technologies.

Business and Software Internationalization and Localization

The world is experiencing a paradigm shift, where blockchain technology radically alters business models involving digital trust. Blockchain Global’s government relations team has been at the forefront of creating the world’s leading regulatory and standards framework in Australia. Partnering with key regional stakeholders, enables the company to achieve its globalization agenda, advising relevant government departments on methods for localizing such framework to replicate the success of Australia’s thriving blockchain ecosystem.
The company’s international network enables a global approach to local challenges as we accelerate the integration of the blockchain technology into our host communities. The digital society will increase its efficiency by adopting a transparent, accountable and more cost effective distributed data system.

Development House

To train future system architects and the CTOs of companies that leverage distributed technologies, Blockchain Global and its network have created a technical training center located in Suzhou, China which aims to address the global shortage of technical blockchain expertise with in the ecosystem.

With 170 blockchain developers across China, the US and Australia, Blockchain Global and its network have developed over a dozen blockchain POCs in areas such as healthcare, smart city, identity and IOT. The prototypes are further enhanced by proprietary middleware components on Blockchain as a Service(BAAS) platforms, which include development and token generation infrastructure. The ongoing collaboration with IBM on Blockchain has led to both companies becoming corporate co-sponsors of the Blockchain Centre, the world’s first and leading network of Blockchain knowledge hubs.

Management Consulting and Corporate Advisory

Blockchain Global signed an agreement with Capgemini (CAP:PA) in 2016 to establish the Blockchain Consulting Group. The group provides management consulting services that jointly provides blockchain IP and knowhow to enable large enterprises in building a “decentralized world”.

In 2017, the company further incorporated the Blockchain Corporate Advisory and Blockchain Partners to leverage our legal, financial and corporate advisory expertise. This supports the ongoing commercialization of various research outcomes in areas such as virtual energy retail marketplaces on a smart grid, ultrahigh availability healthcare records management systems, tamper-proof voting platforms and distributed smart contract escrow services.

Industry Consulting, Marketing, and Media

Being at the center of the Blockchain field, Blockchain Global Limited facilitates an active community of enthusiasts, media professionals and industry experts, creating an ecosystem where data is consolidated, stored and supplied to data vendors globally.

Blockchain Global is entitled to 20% interest of Blockshine. The Blockshine Community, aims to be the “Bloomberg” of the Blockchain industry. Experienced research analysts interpret data and provide valuable insights to help decision-makers identify appropriate blockchain applications.

Investment Management

Crypto Arbitrage

Worldwide inter-exchange and intra-exchange arbitrage

ICO Investments

Pre-ICO stage investments in new cryptocurrencies

Strategic Buyouts

Majority investments in blockchain related public companies

Seed Funding

Seed investments in blockchain startups

Investment Opportunities

Blockchain Global is committed to support and nurture blockchain-focused entities. We aim to accelerate accessibility of distributed trust by bringing together good projects, talent and smart money.


Our network of Blockchain experts extends into the thousands. Having been involved in dozens of Blockchain projects via our extensive network, we are also the cornerstones and largest shareholders of three listed companies. By collaborating with key influencers, the company is committed to increasing awareness and deepening the understanding of blockchain use cases that have positioned Australia as a global leader in setting Blockchain regulations and standards.



Since our launch in 2014, Blockchain Global and its networks have invested more than USD 300 million in dozens of blockchain enabled projects and enterprises. Our delivery capability ensures we are uniquely positioned to contribute at both operational and strategic levels to deliver unparalleled returns.


Blockchain Global submitted recommendations to the Australian Government’s Senate Economics Reference Committee, in order to develop an effective regulatory system for digital currency, advised the potential impact of digital currency technology on the Australian economy, and discussed how Australia can take advantage of this digital currency technology.


In 2014, Blockchain Global founded the 1100sqm Blockchain Centre as the world’s first nonprofit knowledge hub in Melbourne, Australia. As an epicenter of industry deal flows, it has attracted corporate sponsors such as IBM, Pacific Trustees and Amazon, who have further funded the expansion of the Blockchain Centre to Shanghai, Suzhou, Kuala Lumpur and Lithuania, allowing it to cover a global footprint of over 7000sqm. In addition to incubating dozens of startups, the center has accumulated invaluable knowledge which in turn generates regulatory insights.



Commercializing leading knowledge platforms such as,,, and, which creates an ecosystem where data is consolidated, stored and supplied to data vendors globally.


Blockchain Global assisted Australia in establishing itself as a leading jurisdiction on blockchain standards and regulation, by creating an epicenter of industry thought leadership. As the founding member of the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA), the Blockchain Association of Australia (BAA), Distributed Technologies Institute (DTI) and FinTech Australia, the company and its subsidiaries are involved in a number of working groups and committees that contribute research to policies relating to the Blockchain technology.


Board of Directors

Overseeing the activities of the global group, the Board of Directors describes our purpose and values, measuring our success to uphold the integrity of our mission to create long term value.

Executive Leadership Network

The operational leadership of all business lines within the group to provide structural rigor, administrative support and a standardized approach to manage a global team.

Venture Partner Network

Venture Partners push the boundaries of Blockchain, by working with local innovation hubs to deploy IP, knowhow and investment to accelerate blockchain enabled startups.

Global Engagement Network

With global access, our team of Global Engagement Directors are mandated to secure strategic partnerships at the highest levels with governments, universities and corporations.


Blockchain Global has interested in the following:

M&A, Investment and Incubation

First Growth Funds

Asset Management, Market Making and Market Value Management

Golden Alpha Capital

Managed Investment Fund specialised in digital assets

Excel Investment Management Pty Ltd

Development House



Management Consulting and Corporate Advisory

Blockchain Consulting Group

Industry Consulting, Marketing, and Media

Blockshine Corporation
Blockshine Advisory
Blockshine Technology
Blockshine Communication

Business and Software Internationalisation and localisation
Blockchain Centre(Founder)

Blockchain Global and its networks have facilitated hundreds of blockchain and cryptocurrency startups, investments, seminars, and meetups, which have involved participants from across the globe. By 2020 we aim for the global reach to achieve these numbers.



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