M&A, Investment and Incubation

M&A, Investment and Incubation

Having participated in blockchain focused deal-flow with professional funds and investment houses such as Shape Capital, Collinstar Capital and Ironside Capital, Blockchain Global and its network have, since 2014, invested in a worldwide portfolio of dozens of blockchain enabled companies and projects.

Beyond backing profitable blockchain startups, the company co-invests with strategic cornerstone investors in M&As that bring blockchain technology into small and medium cap public companies, giving the combined entity access to capital markets, and providing retail investors exposure to exciting opportunities, leveraging potential unstoppable and borderless technologies.


What we do


ICO Advisory Services

Blockchain Global works with companies to optimize their ICO launches. We offer a range of services to choose from, and draw on our long standing strategic relationships in the industry.

Corporate and Investment Advisory

DigitalX maintains a diverse investor base to begin pre-sale investment and ensure liquidity when listed.  Upon Blockchain Global’s audit of your whitepaper, we will structure a targeted investor book via our 50,000+ strong investor network.  Access to our network of high quality, globally respected lead investors, from across the Pacific and Asia, can lend further credibility to your ICO and public ICO documents, which will directly increase liquidity in your tokens upon listing on exchanges.

Tech Due Diligence and Consulting

Technical whitepaper due diligence, smart contract auditing, developer support and technical guidance to prepare your Blockchain company for its ICO. Enjoy the direct support of the deal managers and development team in one of Asia’s most successful Blockchain businesses, Blockchain Global.

Marketing and Promotional Materials

Working closely with the Blockchain Global team to develop best-in-class token marketing documents, and pairing this with Blockchain Globals’ diverse group of ICO PR partners to tailor the message to different investor classes and international hubs.


Communication Services

Advice on business models and fund raising

We draw on our experience in blockchain trading and development and large network of crypto developers and investors to advise on your business model and fundraising strategy.

Intros to our ICO Investor Network

We draw on DigitalX and Blockchain Global’s large and diverse network of crypto investors to optimize your ICO launch. Blockchain Global WeChat Investor group has 500 invite-only users, and we offer several PR and investor chat networks to get the word out.

Investor roadshows


Ensuring executives understand their stakeholders, Digital X will organise and work closely with management issuing initial coin offering and traveling around the country to give presentations to analysts, fund managers and potential investors.

Marketing and PR utilizing our networks

In the world of listed companies, PR is everything. This is how new investors find out about the company so they can buy the stock and make the share price appreciate. Currently, DigitalX has thousands of shareholders and is watched by brokers representing thousands more.


Compliance Services

Technical diligence and Development Consulting

DigitalX draws on long experience in the cryptocurrency industry and in cryptography and data security to provide consulting services for your blockchain business. Whether it’s drafting or editing your technical whitepaper, or providing advise on development or security architecture, we can ensure you follow best-in-class technical practices.

KYC/AML Consulting

Our team features 20 years of experience in the traditional banking compliance industry, as well as 4 years of experience in regulatory compliance for cryptocurrencies. We can advise on complying with country-specific regulations and on tailoring your KYC and AML procedures to minimize risks to your business from bad actors.


Blockchain Consulting Services

We offer a wide range of security and development consulting services, from security diligence and testing services to business model analysis and software development. Drawing on our years of expertise in the cryptocurrency trading and blockchain development spaces, we can work with your company to guide integration of cryptocurrencies or blockchains into your business.

Analysis of blockchain models, financial models, and business models



White lable exchnge solutions


Customized blockchain development



KYC / AML consulting

Advice on cryptocurrency trading and trading software



Speaking engagements in Australia on cryptocurrency topics



Whitepaper editing and drafting



Customized blockchain identity management software using our AirID platform


Direct Investment & brokerage services

Blockchain Global deploys capital across a variety of asset classes, this includes deploying capital across undervalued listed or unlisted tokens and equity, we believe in taking significantly undervalued assets and adding value through institutional corporate structuring and bringing traditional business development and management expertise.

The company seeks investments, of up to $5m, in unlisted or undervalued listed entities that it deems have significant upside and have the potential to drive a significant growth profile. Our strategic network accelerates the growth of companies that can be taken to a Stock Exchange Listing, from where we can further support those companies post Stock Exchange Listing.