Management Consulting and Corporate Advisory

Management Consulting and Corporate Advisory

Blockchain Global signed an agreement with Capgemini (CAP:PA) in 2016 to establish the Blockchain Consulting Group. The group provides management consulting services that jointly provides blockchain IP and knowhow to enable large enterprises in building a “decentralized world”.

In 2017, the company further incorporated the Blockchain Corporate Advisory and Blockchain Partners to leverage our legal, financial and corporate advisory expertise. This supports the ongoing commercialization of various research outcomes in areas such as virtual energy retail marketplaces on a smart grid, ultrahigh availability healthcare records management systems, tamper-proof voting platforms and distributed smart contract escrow services.


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We are Australia’s largest and most capitalised blockchain company operating profitably across seven locations in Australia, China and Iceland. Our operations include bitcoin mining and Australia’s largest bitcoin exchange platform by order book and trade volume.

We have pre-existing blockchain IP in exchange, trade, arbitrage, registry and identity platforms. We have also incubated innovative blockchain businesses such as which is Australia’s largest Bitcoin trading exchange by volume and hosted successful in-house blockchain businesses like Brave New Coin.



We have developed our blockchain solutions portfolio to help our customers take advantage of new opportunities

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