Our Team

Board of Directors

Overseeing the activities of the global group, the Board of Directors describes our purpose and values, measuring our success to uphold the mission to create long term value.

Sam Lee

Non-Independent Director

Chief Executive Officer

Allan Guo

Non-Independent Director (Interim Chairman)

Chief Investment Officer

Ryan Xu

Independent Director

Executive Leadership Network

The operational leadership of all business lines within the group to provide structural rigour, administrative support and standardised approach to managing a global team.

Layla Dong

Head of Global Engagement


Matt Harry

Head of Trading


Christina Chen

Head of Media


Mike Segal

Head of Technology


Scott Benson

Head of Administration


Global Engagement Network

With global access, our team of Global Engagement Network are mandated to secure strategic partnerships at the highest levels within governments, universities and corporations.

Layla Dong

Head of Global Engagement

Cathy Xu

Global Engagement Network
Greater China

Jason Lee

Global Engagement Network
South East Asia

Jason Webb

Global Engagement Network
East Europe

Sebastian Quinn

Global Engagement Network
East Asia

Leigh Travis

Global Engagement Network

Peiwei Ni

Global Engagement Network
North America

Nicholas De Toledo

Global Engagement Network
West Europe

Eric Mwangi

Global Engagement Network

Venture Partner Network

Venture Partners push the boundaries of Blockchain by working with local innovation hubs to deploy IP, knowhow and investment to accelerate blockchain enabled startups.

Allan Guo

Venture Partner (Melbourne)

(Blockchain Global)

Victor Jiang

Venture Partner (Sydney)


Nassar Achkar

Venture Partner (Dubai)


Daniel Zhang

Venture Partner (Shanghai)


Anoosh Manzoori

Venture Partner (Adelaide)

(First Growth Funds)

Jack Jin

Venture Partner (Suzhou)


Neel Krishnan

Venture Partner (New York)


David Beros

Venture Partner (Perth)


Victor Yao

Venture Partner (Caracas)

James Chen

Venture Partner (Hong Kong)

(Excel Capital)